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And the models arent models at all, but rather the players on the seventh-grade basketball team he coaches. Those kids are always first to whatever is about to happen, so the moment I noticed them tuck their pants in and tuck their shorts in and their shorts were a little shorter and a little higher, thats when it got on my radar, Anthony says. Theres definitely a few that have their pants hiked all the way to their bird chests. This season in college basketball, a growing number of mens and womens players are employing more nuanced, subtle techniques for achieving a slimmer, shorter look to their shorts, which for a quarter century have run long and loose. D.J. Wilson plays forward for a program, Michigan, that is widely credited with the proliferation of baggy, billowing basketball shorts since the early 1990s, when the Fab Five favored long trunks and short black socks. Like those players, Wilsons street fashion sense drives his court couture. Except where the Fab Five went for more cloth, the 6-10 Wilson goes for much less. He says he dresses the same in Ann Arbor as he did in high school in Sacramento, which means he wears short and slim shorts whether hes in the gym or on the quad. I kind of get some odd looks walking around campus, he says. When Michigan switched to Jordan Brand uniforms last fall, its basketball equipment manager gathered the team to try on their new togs. I thought mine were too long, Wilson says, so I asked him for a shorter size and then he got it and I tried those on and I thought they were too long again, so I asked for another short size, and then we finally got it.

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